Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the anime instead? ☴

For the love of god, do not watch the anime. Shingetsutan Tsukihime is notorious for being a terrible adaptation to the point where fans of Tsukihime say it doesn't exist. It has a filler episode in a one cour adaptation and tries to mix many aspects of other routes into one giant mess. The Manga is a huge step up from the anime, but I still recommend reading the VN for your first read. The Remake has also changed quite a bit, so it's a different experience in general.

Can I skip the original visual novel? ☴

Yes, but the Remake currently only has Arcueid and Ciel's route. You will be missing out on Far-side routes that are what many consider to be the highlight of the visual novel. The future will bring us great things that can change this.

How do I read this in English?

You can find the full translation by Tsukihimates on their website at,  and the upcoming English patch set to release in 2024.

Can I read this on PC? ☴

Yes. Using Yuzu, you can dump your game copy (Switch only) following the steps available on their website at