Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I read Tsukihime? ☴

Tsukihime is a Visual Novel that attained cult like status and is beloved by many for it's interesting world building, setting, and characters. It serves as a great entry point for newcomers and a must-read for anyone remotely interested in the genre. The characters feel human, the routes are fresh, and the novel, despite it's age, feels more timeless than ever. It is undeniable to say that Tsukihime was a defining piece of media throughout it's existence. Not only is it free and easy to set up, but it is a gateway into other amazing works like Melty Blood and it's pseudo sequel, 'Kagetsu Tohya' (perhaps one of the most convuluted yet conceptually unique visual novel designs to date that you need a flowchart to get through it without missing anything). Do not wait for the Remake, Tsukihime remains a wholely original Visual Novel produced with all the love, timelessness, and amateurish charm that only a doujin circle is able to bring about. You can enjoy it here and now.


Should I wait for the Remake? ☴

No. Tsukihime has so much to offer and it'll most certainly be a couple years until English speakers can read the Tsukihime Remake. The Remake is missing Far-side routes, which will be released at a later date. The Far-side routes are what make Tsukihime special, so there is plenty of reason to read through the original.

How do I make Tsukihime's window bigger? ☴

Download an updated version of onscripter under 'Builds' that corresponds with your OS via chaoskaiser72's website. When you've done that, throw all the files in the downloaded zip into the same folder tsukihime.exe is in. After that, insert this file into that folder with everything else and open 'onscripter-en.exe'. To change the window size, open the ons.cfg file, and adjust the resolution size to what you feel is good enough.

*If you downloaded from downloads page, you do not need to do this.

Can I skip routes? What order do I read them in? ☴

Ab-so-lute-ly not. Every route is crucial to the story and you'll find yourself lost if you skip one or go out of order. Regardless of how excited you are to read a route, please keep your eyes on the road. It's worth every minute.

For the route order, the proper order is Arcueid, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui, then Kohaku. Please remember that it is crucial you do not skip any of the routes or read them out of order. You will regret it like the many others that have. Please refer to this guide if you want to go through without too feeling troubled by choices.

Can I skip the H-Scenes? ☴

Yes. You won't be missing out on anything too important but Kohaku's route has nice dialogue that I recommend reading.

Can I watch the anime instead? ☴

For the love of god, do not watch the anime. Shingetsutan Tsukihime is notorious for being a terrible adaptation to the point where fans of Tsukihime say it doesn't exist. It has a filler episode in a one cour adaptation and tries to mix many aspects of other routes into one giant mess. The Manga is a huge step up from the anime, but I still recommend reading the VN for your first read.

Why can't I save?

The current version of onscripter-en broke right clicking on the choices screen, so be sure to save frequently. Holding CTRL will skip text at an incredible speed if you need to get back to a certain choice. If this is too frustrating, you can download the old version here.

Where is my save file located? ☴

You can find your save files at C:\ProgramData\Tsukihime.

Why can't I fullscreen? ☴

If pressing F does not work, you have two options.

  • Press CTRL or FN + F... Continue to next step if these do not work.

  • Download Borderless Gaming